Holy Prophet Elijah Orthodox Mission - Durango, Colorado

Our Priest

Fr. Benjamin Huggins was assigned to the Orthodox Mission of Durango in July of 2013.

He was raised in the Protestant tradition. He studied at a Protestant liberal arts college and earned a bachelor’s in Christian Ministry Leadership. He then went back to school at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and earned a Masters in Special Education. He taught in Colorado Springs for six years before he and his family moved to Pennsylvania where he attended St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary.

Photo of Father Benjamin at the Blessing of the Waters - Holy Theophany 2014
Father Benjamin at the Blessing of the Waters on the Animas - Holy Theophany 2014

His conversion to the Orthodox Church was a journey that began in high school. He began to question his faith and the differences that existed within his own tradition. When he attended college he studied Church history and began to be drawn back to a more historical and liturgical form of worship. He was introduced to the Orthodox Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado and he and his wife simply began to attend and participate in the life of that community.

He found the Orthodox Church to be a safe place in which he could enter into the stream of Holy Tradition and work out his salvation. A Tradition that has existed for thousands of years and produced many saints. He and his wife, Matushka Lauren, were received into the Orthodox Church at Holy Theophany in Colorado Springs in 2004.