Holy Prophet Elijah Orthodox Mission - Durango, Colorado

About Us

For several years Orthodox Christians of the Four Corners region have gathered once a month for worship and participation in the Church’s sacramental life. Initially we gathered in Farmington, NM and were sacrificially serviced by priests from Albuquerque and Sante Fe. As more and more persons from Colorado showed interest, we deemed it more effective to re-focus our efforts and ground our Orthodox Christian mission to the region in Durango. We are persons from Greek, Russian, Syrian and other traditionally Orthodox countries. We are “convert” as well, as the Orthodox Church has become “home” to literally tens of thousands of Americans who have discovered the great richness and stability of Orthodox Christian worship, doctrine, spirituality, and life.

Photo of the Holy Prophet Elijah parish members with Father Benjamin and Matushka Lauren
Some of the Holy Prophet Elijah parish members with Father Benjamin and Matushka Lauren

Orthodox Church in America (OCA)

We are under the guidance and supervision of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA), Diocese of the West, headed by Archbp. Benjamin of San Francisco. The OCA, historically part of the Russian Orthodox Church’s mission to N. America in the 18th-19th centuries via “Russian Alaska”, is today one of fifteen self-governing bodies which together share the common faith, worship, history, and sacramental tradition known worldwide as the “Orthodox Church”. Planting an Orthodox Christian mission in Durango is a long overdue fulfillment of our Lord’s Great Commission given to the Apostles, and through them to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church (c.f.: Matthew 28:19-20).